About Rims Medical Services

  • RIMS provide one stop innovated solution in healthcare trade and industry. Different high quality products and services are offered by RIMS to meet client requirements and satisfaction

  • RIMS began its business operation as a pharmaceutical Supplies and medical services provider company in January 2006.

  • RIMS is always focusing exclusively in high quality products and services. We are advancing on a tremendous pace and with involvement of skilled and experienced people

  • RIMS business is currently expanded to involve, education, training hospital management and consultancy services, in addition to medical supplies

Activities in Khartoum

  • Importation of Medicine and Medical devices from different Suppliers
  • RIMS is an exclusive agent for the following company for Sudan market
  • RAVIMED Poland (Blood Bags)
  • Multisafe company Malaysia(Surgical and Examination gloves)
  • AXE Brand Universal oil LKF Singapore

RIMS Distribution Company Portsudan

  • Distribution of medicine in PORTSUDAN
  • RIMS is an exclusive agent for the following companies in Sudan

Mega Pharma (Higeen)

Ajyal Medical Services Sedico

Ain Sudan Iv Factory

Rims Imp Company

Sets of containers for blood collection, storage and processing with solution for blood preservation are intended, depending on their configuration, for the following:

  • The Individual Set of Auto-Injectors against Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) a IZAS-05

Axe Brand Universal Oil

  • Axe Brand Universal Oil made from a unique formula and has been used throughout the world for over 80 years. It is pure in color, pleasant in odour. It is mild yet suitable for relief of giddiness, headache, blocked nose and cold, stomach-ache, insect bites, rheumatic pain and muscular pain.
  • How to use: Apply a few drops to the affected area and massage gently. For stuffy nose: Apply 2-3 drops to a handkerchief or tissue paper and inhale deeply. For relief of flatulence and stomach discomfort: Apply the oil to the navel region and cover with a hot towel. Repeat the hot towel application whenever necessary.

The Company aims to produce good quality gloves consistently so as to be THE MANUFACTURER OF CHOICE IN THE GLOVES INDUSTRY.

  • Latex Powdered Examination
  • Latex Powder Free Examination Gloves
  • Single Chlorination / Double Chlorination, Smooth / Tacky, Palm Textured, Ambidextrous
  • Nitrile Powder Free Examination Glove

Our Business

RIMS Trading offer, Supply, Delivery & Installation of:

  • Medical Supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals: IV Fluids, Ointments and Creams, Small Pharmaceutical preparations.
  • Paramedical: Medical Consumables
  • Best control and insecticides (new)
  • Hospital equipping:
  • Hospital Devices and instruments.
  • Hospital furniture
  • xxx,

  • rimsmedical@rimsholding.com